Back in Chiang Mai

… yes we are back after spending 6 nights in Cha Am and 2 nights in Bangkok. We travelled by train Chiang Mai – Bangkok, Bangkok – Cha Am. That was a very crazy thing to do. The night train is ok.. its not really peacful and they don’t turn the lights, and its a bit dirty but otherwise, its ok. The next train was a 3rd class train. Open windows, small, narrow seats and loads of people. 160 km it took us up to 4 hours… (but it only cost us 160 Baht for the whole family) The trains here a S L O W. Coming back was tiring as well. The night train isn’t the best place to get a good nights sleep, especially when there is a big group of young british travellers who like their beer and older thai men with their wiskey bottles…I’m tired and have to take my daughter to see a hand specialist due to intense pain in her wrist. My Son10 has a very sore throat. Something to be happy about, my Son6 can use all his fingers again and today he will try riding his bike for the first time in 3 weeks. I’ll write more about Cha Am when I get around to it… AND about Bangkok… about The Paragon mall, the bookshops, the coffee shops, the vibe of a big city….

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