Storm in Chiang Mai

Last Wednesday evening I was at a teacher parent meeting at the CDSC (German School) . We were more than half way through the evening and barely realized there was a storm outside. Storm enough in the classroom haha. I managed to open my big mouth and say that I don’t understand why couples, who know they are going to stay in Thailand for good, who have no relations back in Germany, choose to put their kids through the german school system. For many its just 10 years of struggle, as the dads are often traveling and the mums speak no german. Just hard I think. Oh sure many languages is good, right? Well, for some children less would be more. Often kids from mixed marriages choose to stay in Thailand, so they have to learn Thai when they finish 0156-0701-2504-4427_tn.jpgschool and then they end up in a Thai university.. Why not put them in a Thai school in the first place? Ufff… again.. I should have listened to the voice in my head (Jenny I KNOW) that says SHUTUP… sigh… so I got explanations from three parents at the same time. I’m good at multitasking but I just sort of zoned out.. couldn’t listen to them all at the same time . Anyway, one of the mums had to leave early and she came back and said a tree had fallen on her car. And so it had. The tree just snapped and luckily only damaged their bus slightly. But it caused alot of inconvenience… You really never know what is going to happen next do you?

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