Plastic Surgery in Thailand

A few weeks ago I met 2 women in church who had had plastic surgery. Their bruised faces were hard to ignore but seeing I was in my ”behave you are in church, good girl mode” I acted like I didn’t notice. I was told later by my friend that they had had plastic surgery. Face lifting and one had her eyes lifted. I should have asked, they would have loved to tell me all about it ! Oh well… Once in play-group I said to a mum, hey you look different. The mum smiled and said, yes I had my nose done. That was way back when I was ‘innocent’ about things like this…hmmm And I know a couple of women who had their boobs done. I even watched a breast reduction surgery in Switzerland. Almost puked.. but thats another story… On my blog there is an add ‘liposuction in Thailand.’ Maybe thats a sign haha.. would I do it? Not yet. Not now. Who knows. Apparently Thailand is one of the safest and cheapest places to get plastic surgery done.

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