Political Party dissolved..

Thats what happened to Thai Rak Thai last night. The tribunal said among alot of other things that,  ‘ Thai Rak Thai paid two small parties to bribe an election official to falsify their records to show candidates were eligible to run in elections Thaksin called as street protesters accused him of abusing power and corruption’ quote taken from Bangkok Pundit to whom I am very grateful for , because my ‘political thai’ and patience wasn’t enough to follow all those super looooong hours and hours of readings. btw… Just imagine a big political party being dissolved in Switzerland…I can’t. I don’t get it. I guess should just leave politics to others… As for those elephants… if there were some no-one ever noticed.. too bad, that would have been a sight. But on second thoughts elephants next to tanks and soldiers? No, keep them away from the city. Safer !!

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