Hospital experience in Chiang Mai

broken arm Yesterday I was at friend place with lots of other people, when one a boy came to me and said.. ”son10” is really hurt.. come and have a look. I found him already near the car holding his wrist, crying. He had somehow landed wrong on the trampoline and had incredible pain. I took him straight to Ram1 hospital because I knew they always have an orthopedic surgeon on duty. We walked in the ER and were sent over to the Orthopedic department to wait. I went straight to the nurses and asked for painkillers. At first they didn’t want to give him anything because they didn’t know if it was broken. I said, it doesn’t matter if its not broken or not, if it helps or not, just give him some pain killer he is in a lot of pain. I told my son he would have to hang in there.. he wasn’t getting anything. But, after 5 mins, along came a nurse with pain killers and removed the ice and the bandage…what a stupid thing to do… honestly! We had to wait an hour before seeing a doctor which I think isn’t too long. What I don’t understand is, why they don’t take an emergency first. The other people who were there for check ups went first…. doesn’t make sense. Anyway you get to a point when you are just thankful there IS a doctor who will help. My fear was confirmed, his wrist is broken. Now my son10 has to wear the cast for 3 weeks. 3 weeks I asked? isn’t that too short? No no it heals fast in children. I’ll have to get a second opinion.. don’t want him to re-fracture it because they removed the cast too soon. So today I have a little boy at home, holding his arm up trying to come to grips with being able to use one arm only. And hopefully the pain will decrease today as well!.

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