Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai


(Note from me.. 8th May 2008)… I wrote this post in July 2007. I am not promoting this camp. I’m writing about an experience we had as a family. Please go and read all the excellent comments people have writen in response to this post.  Why don’t you go and visit the Elephant Nature Park!  instead? I hope you have a wonderful time there.

This is elephant camp has over 70 healthy elephants of every age and size. We started by visiting the nursery because we arrived after 11 am and missed the first show. I didn’t mind because that meant, most tourists had left in their big vans and were off to visit the next thing. The baby elephants were sooo cute! Everywhere banana and sugarcane is for sale and its incredible fun feeding these large animals. We watched the elephants take a bath and you could just tell how happy the elephants were to submerge in the water. The show at 1.45 included the elephants kicking a huge football, throwing darts, painting a picture and other fun stuff.


An elephant lifted the hat of my sons head and then put it back on patting it down. Bit scary but he was brave !

I got talked into taking an elephant ride. Luckily only 5 minutes. My Son and Daughter thought it was quite scary. Those seats tied on the elephant aren’t every comfortable and going down , you have to keep your balance well.

image013.jpgThese animals are big, strong and wild and after visiting the camp, and seeing well trained elephants you realise that they are gentle and kind as well.

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