Home in Chiang Mai

We are back. I’ve got loads of photos on my husbands laptop which has to be repaired because it doesn’t work…Hope they can save the data… When we got home there was no electricity in the house because we hadn’t paid the bill.. we were away! Anyway, I phoned 3 numbers I found on the yellow paper that the elect. company leaves when your bill is overdue. And with in 30mins we had light. Its nice to be home. Chiang Mai isn’t as hot as I expected it to be and there is a nice breeze going. In the holidays I often asked myself its it isn’t time for us to go back to Switzerland. I’m tired of goodbyes, tired of not fitting in, tired of always being the ‘farang’. But when it came to saying good bye to my swiss friends, Iwas soooo glad I didn’t have to go back to Switzerland. Its not time to go back, not yet anyway. Being so obviously different does have alot of advantages as well.. I just can’t think of any right now but I’m sure it will come back to me….

au nang


Here my son6 building sandcastles, while we sat at a table and drank a coffee.

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