Costs of living in Chiang Mai

Rent a house between 2000-50 000 Baht
Coffee at Wawee 50 Baht
Food at foodstall 20 Baht per meal
Western food from 100 Baht upwards
Cocktail from 80-150 Baht
Petrol 25 Baht/ liter
Maid minimum 4000 Baht per month
Electricity depends on how many air cons you have in your house. Approximately 1000 Baht/ aircon
Water bill 500 Baht/ month
Drinking water delivered to your house 170 Baht for 100 liters of drinking water /week
Phone btw 3-5 Baht per call
Internet is between 1000-2000 Baht (but in many mubahns you can’t get it..)
UBC TV xxx Baht /month
Car insurance 1st class 7500 Baht / year for my Honda city
Songthiew in town 20 – 150 Baht
School Fees minimum 30 000 Baht/ semester / child
Language studies btw 200-400 Baht /hour
Visa not sure
Motorbike 30 000 Baht
Car new 500 000 Baht secondhand from 33 000 Baht upwards (depends on car, age all know that…)
Massage from 80 Baht up to 5000 Baht
Music lessons for piano, violin, drums etc etc 200 Baht /hour
Singing lessons 200-600Baht/ hour
Riding lesson 400 Baht/ hour
Tennis 30 Baht/court
Swimming Pool public 30 Baht/person
National Parks 30 Baht for Thai 400 Baht for foreigner (hihih)
Cinema 80-160 Baht/ ticket

I really don’t like making lists like this but people keep asking ! The prices vary. You can live on a very low budget in Chiang Mai, or you can live on a high budget. Really depends on you !!

Here some more info about costs of living in Chiang Mai

Retire on 550/month

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