Chiang Mai Parks, Rivers etc

We have lived in Thailand for so long and have never made it up to Doi Inthanon National Park.
I really hope to go there this year.. It is the highest Mountrain in Thailand. Its peak is 2,565 m above sea level.
58 km from Chiang Mai. People usually use private transportation
You get to see dense forests, walk the trails or watch birds and the air is much clearer than in Chiang Mai. Alot of people love going up in December because it gets really cold. Sometimes even have ice !
There are camp sites with 2 people tents that you can rent. You get blankets but no mats or sleeping bags. Better take your own along !
Firewood is provided . Now that sounds like a good idea. Go camping with some friends when the rainy season is over, build a fire and talk all night !
Like most places in Thailand there are food stalls near the parks for those who aren’t into cooking at a camp site. But who would want that when you can grill your own food?!!

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