Helpful Info for living in Chiang Mai

Are you new in town or thinking about moving to Chiang Mai? WELCOME. This page is for you.  (Its  contently under construction)

Visa is what you will need before you can even come to Chiang Mai. Go the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Webpage to get the most up to date infomation..

Rain Tree Resource Center has a green Book called ” Helpful Hints for Getting Settled in Chiang Mai”. You can pick up a free copy at Chiang Mai Community Church Raintree.
3 Charoen Muang Road
info line 053 262660

Houses and how much does it cost to rent or buy a house. These Websites should answer some of your questions.

Better Homes
mob phone 018818055
Office phone 053 262 588

Chiang Mai House
1 Samlan Rd., T. Prasing A.Muang Chiangmai
50200 ( 50 m. from Prasing temple)When you come from Tapae Gate, reach to Prasing temple turn left 50 M.
Park at Restaurant / J J Fresh coffee

Mitchai Property Chiang Mai Lamphun Rd . T Watkate Aa Muang Chiang Mai Tel.(053) 8005678 Fax (053) 800314 \

There are many great markets in town where you get fresh vegetables, fruits, clothes, pets etc .Just look on the map for a market near where you live.
If you prefer western food you there are a couple of Supermarkets.
Lotus- Tesco at the Hang Dong Road and on the north side of town. In the 2. Floor you’ll find a childrens play area, a foodcourt and plenty little stalls selling everything from popcorn to cometic articles. Big C, Carrefour and Marko are some other shopping centers.

Bake and Bite Nimmenheimen has a fresh bakes goods, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tops Super Market in Central Airport Playa and Khad Suan Kaew has a good choice of baked goods, mexican food, wine, salads and sandwiches to take away.

Le Chocolate a new chocolate shop in Nimmenheimen. Very important lol

Kasem on Nimmenheimen and near the Warorot Market, has cheap and good coffee, baked goods and alot of imported goods.. and you might find what you need for that special cake in this shop.

Rimping has a couple of shops. One not far from the Navarat Bridge, right near the Ping river, One out on Maejo Road and one near Airport Plaza.  Great selection of wine, cheese and other expensive imported food. If you miss shopping like in Europe, this is the shop for you 🙂


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