Letting go.

As I started to picture the trees in the storm,
the answer began to dawn on me. The trees in the
storm don’t try to stand up straight and tall and
erect. They allow themselves to bend and be blown
with the wind. They understand the power of
letting go. Those trees and those branches that
try too hard to stand up strong and straight are
the ones that break. Now is not the time for you
to be strong, or you, too, will break.
Julia Butterfly Hill

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Adopt a dog !!

Shela was born in 2004, my daughter found her at a riding stable and I was not able to say no to her. She is intelligent and recognises new people. Shela is not good with small children, seeing she only likes to be patted on her conditions which small children often do not respect.  Seeing we are leaving the country, we need a new home for her. Please please help us find a nice place for her !



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Hot season

… has arrived ! The temperature today was up to 38C.  This is our last hot season and I am not going to complain. My skin feels lovely, the air is abit cleaner than the fast few months. Nice ! All the trees are blooming or green again, and we can even see the blue sky occasionally! Most of all.. its warm, actually hot. Very hot. The car seat heats up something terrible and holding the steering wheel almost causes blisters on my hands. But.. I am not complaining haha.

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Songkran- Thai New Year is over

”The three days of Songkran has a special name and meaning.

April 13, the beginning of the festival, is called Wan Sang Khan Long. Northern Thais believe that on this day they should clean their houses, wear only new clothes, and pray that bad luck and karma resulting from bad deeds during the previous year will not follow them in to the New Year.

On the next day of the celebrations, April 14, people should only speak positively and pleasantly; if they become angry or unpleasant, bad luck will follow them throughout the New Year.

April 15, the last day of the festival, is called Wan Paya Wan, “The Great Day”, during which all people should pray, make merit to their ancestors, and visit their elder relatives in order to ask for forgiveness and blessings for the New Year. ” From here 

” At the Thai New Year there are rites and rituals that people participate in as part of the New Year blessings and Buddhist merit-making, One of these is the splashing of water. Water runs deep in the Thai New Year traditions, both as a symbol of cleansing and as a symbol of renewal.” More about Rites of Songkran here.

Today is a public holiday. Songkran is over. Tomorrow school starts again for my kids. The weeks before their lives change dramatically !  I need lots of water … to keep renewing my strength and courage to go through with our plans !


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สวัสดีปีใหม่ :-)

Happy Thai New Year !

Have fun, stay safe 🙂

I got the photos from here.. lovely shots !

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